Carmel O’Brien


An experienced chartered physiotherapist, Carmel O’Brien worked across a number of settings including private practices, outpatients and GP clinics. She is specialised in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries. Complementing her manual therapy skills, she is also qualified in using acupuncture and other pain relief methods. She is currently pursuing Foundation Course in Musculoskeletal Medicine to broaden her knowledge base.

Career Highlights

Carmel graduated from University of Hertfordshire with B.Sc Honours in Physiotherapy in 2007. She began her career working as a rotational physiotherapist in a variety of hospitals and clinics. She started as a Band 5 MSK physiotherapy, Band 5 rotational and moved on to becoming a Band 6 orthopaedics. From 2012 to 2015, she has worked alongside various professional NHS physiotherapy teams and gained practical training and experience.

Professional Strengths

Carmel has worked with a wide spectrum of patients, from elite athletes to old people and adolescents. In treating patients, she uses different types of techniques including mobilisation, joint manipulation, activation of pressure points, soft tissue release, electrotherapy and so on. She integrates manual therapy with personalised exercise plan, specifically designed to prevent any recurrence of injury. Her in-depth knowledge and ability to diagnose movement patterns and movement impairments, which lead to causing pain; makes her an important asset for the Southgate Physio clinic team.

Treatment and rehabilitation of the elderly, respiratory, neurological and orthopaedic patients are her other areas of interest. She is even experienced in running core stability, lower limb and joint replacement groups.

Important Career Achievements

Carmel is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and Health Professions Council. She has worked as a senior physiotherapist for 18 months heading the orthopaedics team in a renowned hospital. She has shown excellent team spirit while working with Intermediate Care, STARRS Community Rehab and Camden Outreach Intermediate Care teams, among others.

Her contribution towards promoting long-term health and fitness in the community has made her one of the most popular physiotherapists in Southgate Physio clinic. Thanks to her holistic approach to treat pain and injury, patients love coming back to her.