Chloe Considine

Chloe Considine


Chloe Considine, a member of the administrative department at Southgate Physio joined the clinic in August 2017 and has since then proved her dexterity and deftness in streamlining its back end operations. A competent person with a knack to work with determination, you can rely on her capabilities to ensure the ultimate patient care and attention.

Reliable and Dependable, She Renders Improved Operations

A Hertford Regional College pass out, where she completed BTEC extended Diploma in Business in 2014; Chloe has been with Southgate Physio since 2017. Thanks to her efficiency and finesse, the clinic boasts a hassle-free client communication system. Her passion, attention to detail, proactiveness and polite behaviour has already made her popular amongst the patients. As an admin member, she is responsible for providing surefire and top-notch service quality. Her acumen and ability to work under pressure allows her to handle an extensive range of functions that speed up the day-to-day affairs at the clinic with efficacy. Thanks to her business training and meticulous work procedure, she evens the function at the Centre, resulting in both customer satisfaction and overall management.

Professional Strengths

Chloe is a determined professional, with the attitude to meet the deadline. Her experience across industries has endowed her with the skills to stay focused and act as a source of inspiration to those around her. Polite, well-mannered and not losing her patience at any point in time, she is the ultimate person to approach when in problem, not that she will keep any space for grievance.

Important Career Achievements

Beginning her career as a teacher, Chloe made her way to become an administrator and outshone her past accomplishments in each phase of her career. When you have her to communicate with you, be rest assured that smooth access to treatment is a stone’s throw away.
In a very short time-span, she has emerged as one of the pivotal professionals of Southgate Physio.

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