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Online Booking

Southgate Physio is committed to offering you as much support as you need in the journey of taking control of your injury and fixing it once and for all. By opting for our online physio appointment, you never have to spend time in the waiting room again.

Online physiotherapy consultation

Are you struggling with an injury? Need help managing any kind of pain that is affecting the quality of your life? Let us help you with an online physiotherapy consultation.

Initial assessment

As you book physio appointment  with us and give us your personal details, we will conduct an in-depth assessment of your injury. This will involve obtaining a detailed history of your symptoms, lifestyle considerations and previous treatment to gain an understanding of your problem.

Physical assessment & diagnosis

We may assign you some tasks and run through some physical movements that will help us in diagnosing the problem. These tests will be conducted, via video sessions and you will be provided with a detailed explanation of your diagnosis.

Rehab plan programme

A detailed management plan will be provided to you by your chosen physiotherapist. The rehab plan programme would typically consist of home exercises, advice and education regarding pain management, and reading material if required.

Enjoy on-demand physiotherapy at home

By booking physiotherapy online appointment, you can address joint pains, backaches and old injuries that you have been ignoring due to life and work commitments. We, at Southgate Physio, are focused on helping you manage your pains from the comfort of your home. With our online physio consultation, you can address your aches and pains so that you feel rejuvenated and healthy. You will even find that you are more productive after diligently performing the exercises that our physiotherapists have customised to treat your health issues. You can be pain-free without having to step out of your home.

Why choose our online physiotherapy consultation?

Online physiotherapy allows you to enjoy personalised service and lets you focus more on your health. Our online physio consultation is similar to having a face-to-face consultation with the physiotherapist. You are not going to face any kind of distractions and be assured that your chosen therapist will only focus on your issue and story.

What makes online physiotherapy unique is the ability to connect with the physiotherapist on-demand. You do not have to wait in line for your scheduled appointment, but enjoy the privacy and convenience of appointment in your home or office. You can even ask questions and clear your doubts without any hesitation and when the need arises.

During our online appointment, your chosen therapist will demonstrate the right way to do the exercises that have been recommended to you. After the online session, you will be sent the exercises discussed through a portal with Videos of the exercises, so that you can refer to it and ensure that you are correctly doing the exercises. This paves the way for faster recovery and minimises the risk of injuries

So, fill the form to book physio online with Southgate Physio and we will guide you through the entire process.