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Hydrodistension Injections

Hydrodistension Injections

A Novel Method for Treating Joint Pain

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to our suite of services: Hydrodistension Injections. Reflecting our ongoing dedication to cutting-edge, patient-centric care, this innovative treatment is set to transform the way we manage chronic joint pain.

Understanding Hydrodistension Injections

Hydrodistension, also known as hydraulic distension, is a therapeutic method primarily used for easing pain and stiffness in joints, notably in cases of adhesive capsulitis (commonly termed ‘frozen shoulder’) or chronic arthritis. This technique involves the injection of a large volume of fluid, often a saline and corticosteroid mix, directly into the joint capsule. The fluid acts to stretch the capsule, enhancing joint mobility, alleviating pain and inflammation, and fostering healing.

Advantages of Hydrodistension Injections

1. Enhanced Mobility:

Hydrodistension can aid in expanding the range of motion in joints suffering from persistent stiffness or ‘frozen’ conditions.

2. Alleviation of Pain:

By mitigating pressure and diminishing inflammation within the joint, hydrodistension often leads to a significant reduction in pain for many patients.

3. Minimal Invasion:

As a non-surgical procedure involving only an injection, hydrodistension avoids potential surgical complications and lengthy recovery times.

4. Safe and Efficacious:

Hydrodistension is generally regarded as a safe procedure with a low risk of complications, especially when administered by a trained healthcare professional.

Implementing Hydrodistension Injections at Southgate Physio Clinic

In line with our commitment to comprehensive and ground-breaking care, we’ve made the following preparations for the introduction of this service:

1. Specialist Training:

Our physiotherapists have received extensive training in order to safely and effectively administer hydrodistension injections.

2. Advanced Equipment:

We’ve secured Logic- e Ultrasound equipment and facilities have been adapted to guarantee the safe, comfortable, and efficient delivery of this procedure.

3. Patient Empowerment:

As with all our services, our focus remains on the patient with shared decision making. We ensure a thorough explanation of the procedure, expected results, potential risks, and aftercare is provided to each patient. Our team is always on hand to address any questions or concerns.


The introduction of Hydrodistension Injections marks a significant milestone in Southgate Physio clinic’s development. We’re confident that this procedure, paired with the expertise of our team, will provide our patients with another effective tool in the fight against joint pain and stiffness. We look forward to offering this innovative treatment to our community and are readily available to answer any queries or address any concerns you may have.


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