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Restore your health and overall well-being by Southgate Physio clinic’s pilates services.

This form of exercise came into light in the recent past and is now known world-wide for its potential in the health and fitness industry. It is almost magical the way some floor and equipment exercises can help get rid of back, neck and joint pains.

Chances are that if you are a devotee of pilates treatment, you must have given up all pain killer just after six months or so of your practice. At Southgate Physio North London, we encourage those patients who are in the recovery stage to take up pilates reformer classes for speeding up healing.

The pilates therapy that was developed by Joseph Pilates has the power to nurse back to health the worn out and torn tissues and muscles. It is this benefit of pilates physiotherapy that we at Southgate Physio London use to restore the health of our patients.

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