Southgate Physio clinic offers tailored acupuncture services to treat and cure all types of bodily aches and neurological disorders.

The practice of acupuncture fits the realm of physiotherapy extremely well. And physiotherapists all around the world promote this practice as one of the most effective in treatment. Acupuncture is mostly used for treating aches and pains. At Southgate Physio situated in North London, we use acupuncture as a method that encourages the body to heal naturally.

Since needling and acupuncture unblock obstructions and stimulate the nervous system, during treatment the patient is likely to experience rush of energy. In physiotherapy, the method is now being extensively used for pain management.

At Southgate Physio, Acupuncture is not just a pain treatment mechanism but a channel of healing. It has the power to cure muscular as well as help with neurological disorders. In the hands of the experts at Southgate, acupuncture is a magical treatment.

To know more about our acupuncture treatment, give our expert therapists a call on 02083686767 or have a visit to our Southgate Physio Clinic North London.