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Pain Management

Pain Management

Southgate Physio clinic offers comprehensive and fitting pain management services for relief.

Pain is not just unpleasant sensation; it can get chaotic and absolutely unbearable too. The worst part is when you realize that it refuses to leave you alone. Chronic pains can take a toll on your body. From letting it take a toll on your life as well, you need to act cautiously. Preventive measures are not of much help. However, pain management therapy has made all of these problems easier to deal with, and life can be led much easier.

Our Southgate Physio pain management clinic located in North London, help you fight this unpleasant sensory experience that arises out of tissue, muscle or bone anthologies.

We, at Southgate Physio, devise exercises customized for individuals depending on their body weight, bone density and age. We provide pain management therapy for Sciatica, lower back pain, joint pain relief, knee pain relief, shoulder pain, neck pain etc. We use various pain management techniques, programme and hands on manual therapy, electrotherapy and Acupuncture to achieve the best outcome.

The beauty of physiotherapy for pain management, as against pain killers, is that it is aimed at treating the root cause of the problem and not just the pain. A number of patients undergoing pain management physiotherapy at Southgate Physio are extremely satisfied with the results that they have experienced. They talk not just about how wonderful they feel but about a new life!

To book your pain management physiotherapy appointment, simply contact us, give our pain management specialist a call on 02083686767 or email us on or have a visit to our Southgate Physio clinic in North London.


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