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Pain Management Physiotherapy

Pain Management Physiotherapy

Southgate Physio clinic offers comprehensive and fitting pain management services for relief.

Pain is not just unpleasant sensation, it can get chaotic and absolutely unbearable too. The worst part is when you realise that it refuses to leave you alone. Chronic pains can take a toll on your body. From letting it take a toll on your life as well, you need to act cautiously. Preventive measures are not of much help. However, pain management therapy has made all of these problems easier to deal with, and life can be led much easier.

If Life Gives You Pain, Southgate Physio Will Give You Relief!

Our Southgate Physio pain management clinic located in North London, help you fight this unpleasant sensory experience that arises out of tissue, muscle or bone anthologies.

We, at Southgate Physio, devise exercises customised for individuals depending on their body weight, bone density and age. We provide pain management therapy for Sciatica, lower back pain, joint pain relief, knee pain relief, shoulder pain, neck pain etc. We use various pain management techniques, programme and hands on manual therapy, electrotherapy and Acupuncture to achieve the best outcome.

The beauty of physiotherapy for pain management, as against pain killers, is that it is aimed at treating the root cause of the problem and not just the pain. A number of patients undergoing pain management physiotherapy at Southgate Physio are extremely satisfied with the results that they have experienced. They talk not just about how wonderful they feel but about a new life!  

As we cannot predict the future, we can’t prevent the pain from affecting you; but no matter how severe the pain is, Southgate Physio can provide you with effective pain management solutions.

Pain Management Conditions 

Pain can come in several forms ranging from short-term acute pain to long-term chronic pain. Many reasons can cause persistent pain for a long time. Some conditions that need immediate pain management services are:

  • Back, neck, knee, hip, shoulder, muscle, pelvic, and joint pain
  • Headaches
  • Repetitive stress injuries

Common Causes of Pains

Listed below are some common causes of pain:

  • Injuries/ accidents
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Muscle cramps or strains
  • fractures
  • Ligament injuries

We Treat the Following Types of Pain 

Southgate Physio is a pain management clinic in North London that deals with a wide range of types of pain, such as:

  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Musculoskeletal pain

Worried about any of these types of pain? Feel free to call us on 02083686767 or email us at

What is Acute & Chronic Pain 

Acute Pain
A short-term pain that indicates that something is wrong. Some acute pains are easily curable, but some acute pain can take a threatening form if ignored.

Chronic Pain
Persists unusually beyond the normal time that wounded tissues need to recover. Arthritis and fibromyalgia are two common chronic pain types.

At Southgate, a qualified team of therapists helps the patients with treatment for both acute and chronic pain.

How Physiotherapy can Help in Managing Pain

Physiotherapy combines several approaches that can help one get relief from pain. Its wide range includes directing the treatment interventions and vital physiological and anatomical aspects of human body.

Why Choose Southgate Physio for Pain Management

Southgate Physio takes pride in having highly skilled therapists who can easily manage a wide spectrum of painful conditions. We believe that the whole patient needs the treatment, not only the symptom. That’s why we always try to understand what causes the symptoms and design a physiotherapy programme that can end the problem from its root.

We deploy a variety of proven treatment methods to heal the pain and eliminate the chances of pain recurrence. Each client is valuable for us; we offer trusted services to bring a smile back to our client’s faces.

To book your pain management physiotherapy appointment, simply contact us, give our pain management specialist a call on 02083686767 or email us on or have a visit to our Southgate Physio clinic in North London.

General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does a pain clinic do in the UK? / What does a pain management specialist do?
At a pain clinic, a specialist analyses your health issues and past health records to provide you with the right pain management programme.

2. How do I prepare for a pain management appointment?
All you need is to consult a trusted pain management clinic; the clinic’s experts will take care of the rest.

3. How can I manage my pain without medication?
Scientific physiotherapy, acupuncture, Manual therapy coupled with regular exercises, are some of the best ways to manage pain without medication.

4. What is an effective pain management Programme?
Effective pain management is an integrated programme that includes science-backed processes to reduce the severity of pain and the chances of pain recurrence. It includes physiotherapy, soft tissue techniques, and exercises.

5. What should I expect at my first pain management appointment? / What happens at the pain management clinic?
At your first pain management appointment, an expert will sit with you to discuss your problems, your medical reports, and history. Once the expert understands what your problem is and what you need, the solutions will be provided accordingly.  


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