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Home Visit Physiotherapy Services

Home Visit Physiotherapy Services

Southgate Physio clinic offers home physiotherapy services & treatments in North London, UK. Relax in your personal environment whilst one of our therapists take care of your problem.

If you are too unwell or not mobile enough to visit a physiotherapy clinic, Southgate Physio located in North London, United Kingdom can easily make arrangements for home care. Our therapists will provide you relief from pain, ache, and other injuries in the comfort of your home. We treat each home appointment with immense priority and offer immediate attention. All of the treatments administered at our clinic can be provided to you in your home. You can relax in your personal environment whilst one of our therapists takes care of your problem.

Our Home Care Service Accelerates the Healing Process

Home visits enable our experienced physiotherapists to comprehensively examine your condition and find personalised solutions to manage your difficulties. Moreover, patients who have been living with a neurological condition like, Multiple Sclerosis will hugely benefit from our home visits physiotherapy service. Our therapists will not only provide rehabilitation treatment to better your condition but will also share their insight and guide relatives or caregivers in handling and moving techniques. This will create a ripple effect and ensure that you get the best possible attention and care at all times.

We Offer a Wide Range of Physiotherapy Services

As a leading provider of injury rehabilitation and physiotherapy, we provide the following services:

All of our aforementioned physiotherapy services are provided where you need them and when you need them. We understand that life is hectic and our home care physiotherapy is aimed at saving you the hassle of travelling to a busy clinic.

Benefits of Home Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy at home is different from conventional clinic or hospital-based treatment and offers several benefits.
  • Better Results Due to Home Care
    The familiar comfort of home allows you to relax, which when combined with effective treatment enhances the pace of recovery.
  • Personalised Care for Every Patient
    Upon visiting your home, our physiotherapists can make additional changes and recommendations according to your home’s environment. This lets you explore better opportunities to recover in a comfortable setting.
  • Convenient for High-Risk Patients
    Many people are prone to infection or are restricted by a disability or illness that prevents mobility. They are high-risk patients for whom a home visit physio treatment is the best course of action.

Areas/Locations We Cover for Home Visit Physiotherapy Services

Our services cater to people of all ages living in North London, UK.

Our Therapists Can Treat Diverse Health Conditions

Thanks to a highly passionate team of physiotherapists, we bring to you the very latest and proactive physiotherapy techniques for treating osteoporosis, dementia, back pain, joint, and muscle aches and pains, fall prevention therapy, stroke rehabilitation, and so on. Our physiotherapists are all from renowned Universities and have been hand-picked for their dedication, high level of experience, and expertise. Our physiotherapists are chartered and registered. Furthermore, we can assist you with general fitness and provide support for full recovery post-operation.

Whether you cannot visit our clinic due to pain, old age, or simply prefer the convenience of your own home, get in touch with Southgate Physio. We provide home care services that are second to none. Contact us to avail our management of long-term conditions or short-term intensive rehabilitation services from the comfort of your home and with no waiting line.

Why Choose Southgate Physio for Your Home Visit Physiotherapy?

  • Free Discussions Over Calls
    Available for phone calls for progress discussion during Southgate Physio treatment sessions.
  • Flexibility in Scheduling Appointment
    Book your appointment at the time which suits your needs. Receive physiotherapy home service on evenings and weekends.
  • Premium Physiotherapy at Home
    We visit your home to offer our excellent physiotherapy services. Additionally, you can also request phone or video call appointments at reduced prices.
  • Experienced and Acknowledged Specialists
    All our therapists are HCPC and CSP certified and experienced in treating various kinds of physical conditions.
  • Caring and Friendly Approach
    Our therapists provide tailored service with utmost care throughout your treatment.
  • Equipment and Plans
    Based on your condition and requirements, we provide customised plans to attain your goals. Our home visit physiotherapy services include videos, charts, and small portable equipment.

To book your home visit physiotherapy appointment, simply contact us, give our expert therapists a call on 02083686767 or email us on or have a visit to our Southgate Physio clinic in North London, UK.

General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When should I consider home physiotherapy?
If you are suffering from chronic pain or injury that restricts your everyday functionality and mobility, or have had a recent surgery like hip replacement, your doctor may recommend home physiotherapy sessions. If you are prone to get infected through exposure, you should opt for home visits by therapists.

2. What happens during a home visit?
On appointment, our specialists visit you to provide physiotherapy Assessments and treatment at home, saving you time and money while offering customised solutions to your conditions.

3. What will the treatment include?
Our treatment includes a thorough Assessment of an individual in their home environment to diagnose and develop a personalised treatment plan that does not require visiting a hospital or clinic.

4. Is physiotherapy necessary?
While it may not be mandatory, physiotherapy has proven to be highly effective in treating most cases. So, anybody suffering from physical conditions can take advantage of it to significantly improve their wellbeing.

5. How much does it cost for a home visit physiotherapy?
Each physiotherapy home visit cost may differ based on the treatment you need and the area you reside in. For example, the cost for sports injury rehabilitation will vary from acupuncture treatment. Also how far from our clinic you live, will incur additional travel expenses.

6. Do your physiotherapists visit homes?
Yes, our therapists visit your home to provide you with high-quality, yet cost-effective physiotherapy treatment.

7. What to expect in the first session?
We assess a patient’s condition, which includes testing the range of motion, strength, physical balance, and limitations, while also considering previous medical reports (if any). This helps in setting realistic recovery goals.

8. Do I need a referral from a doctor?
No, in most cases, you can book a physiotherapy treatment at home without a doctor’s referral.

9. Does physiotherapy hurt?
Physiotherapy is fully safe and does not inflict pain. You may experience soreness following a session since most remedies involve activating your deep tissue work and stretching.

10. I am a little sceptical. Will home physiotherapy completely remove my pain?
In the majority of cases, it has proven to be highly effective in permanently eradicating the pain. We achieve this by modifying the motions and patterns behind the pain. However, this depends on various other factors and types of injury, etc.

11. Does physiotherapy offer a quick fix?
This form of physical treatment dives into the deepest causes of your pain to offer a long-term solution that will help remove your pain permanently and naturally. However, in some cases, it has been a great technique to eliminate pain instantly.

12. I found relevant solutions on the internet. Will this help?
Physiotherapy treatment at home requires an in-depth assessment to determine the root cause of your condition. It is possible for you to feel pain in an area of your body, the cause of which lies in a completely different part, so it is not advisable to DIY your physiotherapy needs as it can prove dangerous.

13. Is a physiotherapist like a personal trainer?
No, a personal trainer usually has only a certificate and less on-field experience, whereas a physio has at least 3 years of education and experience in physical functions and movement related to medical conditions. However, a personal trainer can cooperate with a therapist to enhance the care you get.

14. Can I exercise on my own?
Usually, we prescribe you exercises you should do between your treatment sessions. However, you need to continue the professional sessions to analyse your progress and the scope for changes. It is also necessary for you to keep exercising yourself.

15. What are the most common problems physiotherapy treats at home?
Physiotherapy at home covers many issues, the most common being mobility issues, pain in the back, neck, shoulder, or knee, post-operative, stroke survivors, elderly rehabilitation, and pain management.


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