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Southgate Physio clinic in North London provides high-quality physiotherapy care and treatment services for people of all ages and conditions. We offer sports injury rehabilitation, musculoskeletal injuries treatment, pain management, pilates, acupuncture, shockwave therapy, theraflex, pre- and post-operative rehabilitation, elderly rehabilitation, sports-massage, and home visit physiotherapy services in North London.

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Located at the N14, Southgate Physio specialises in the treatment of sports and musculoskeletal injuries, elderly care…
neurological physiotherapy

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Whether it is about sports and musculoskeletal injuries, elderly care, neurological physiotherapy or treating fractures that have…

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Southgate Physio London is located in N14 Hampden Square, Southgate area, our office is carefully designed keeping in mind the convenience…

Physiotherapy Services & Treatments
Services provided by Southgate Physio clinic in North London
Sports injuries rehabilitation service meets individual needs of elite athletes with proficiency.
Sports Injury Rehabilitation
Southgate Physio clinic in North London presents therapeutic and personalised services for treating musculo skeletal injuries.
Musculoskeletal injuries treatment
Pain Management
Southgate Physio clinic in North London offers comprehensive and fitting pain management services for relief.
Restore your health and overall well-being by Southgate Physio clinic’s pilates services.
Acupuncture services to treat and cure all types of bodily aches and neurological disorders.
Southgate Physio clinic offers home physiotherapy services & treatments in North London. Relax in your personal environment whilst one of our therapists take care of your problem.
Services provided by Southgate Physio
Shockwave Therapy
A Smart & Non-Surgical Treatment for Tendinopathy.
Southgate Physio offers revolutionary Theraflex treatment services to effectively treat neck and back pain.
Pre And Post Operative Rehabilitation
Regain your health with effective pre and post operative rehabilitation at Southgate Physio clinic in North London.
Elderly Rehabilitation
Maximum functional/physical ability of patients are facilitated by Southgate Physio clinic’s elderly rehabilitation.
Sports Massage
Sports massage at Southgate Physio for increased health benefits.
Sports Massage
Diagnose and treating sports injuries in North London.
Shockwave Therapy
Remote physiotherapy sessions to help you with rehabilitation and recovery.
Theraflex Treatment
Southgate Physio offers revolutionary Theraflex treatment services to effectively treat neck and back pain.
Home Visit Physiotherapy Services & Treatments
Southgate Physio’s physiotherapy excellence is now available in the comfort of your home

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Physiotherapy Testimonials and Reviews

Following a recommendation I initially visited Southgate Physio with neck and back issues which had occurred over time from a combination of long distance driving and computer work.

Bimisa not only dealt with the immediate remedial side of things, enabling me to get back on track quickly, but has also helped with strengthening my core and improving my postural alignment with pilates techniques.

More recently, following an operation on my foot, my consultant referred me to Southgate Physio for a course of rehabilitation therapy. Bimi once again had an excellent knowledge of what was needed and gave me treatment and exercises that improved my confidence and allowed me to return to full mobility ahead of schedule. I will continue to refer Southgate Physio to others as they are always helpful, knowledgeable and supportive.

Reference for Ms. Bimisa (05/04/2018)

I just wanted to say thank you so much!

I was in on Thursday morning and I feel like a new person!!

Such lovely people from the receptionist who was so helpful and such a postive attitude towards everything. And the therapist who has completely helped me I feel like I can stand up straight again. Looking forward to my next session this week.

Thanks again !

Reference for MrJignesh Patel (04/04/2013)

Having recently instructed Jignesh ( Mr. Patel or Jigeshpatel) to assess my elderly and frail father for a course of physiotherapy, following a prolonged period of immobility due to dual femur fractures and an ulcer on his heel, I was very impressed with his professionalism, his level of service and patient care.

Jignesh has a very friendly and caring approach to his work. He was particularly patient with my father who hadn’t walked for a long period of time, and he quickly established a great rapport with my father, giving him confidence and trust with which to continue and persevere with the physiotherapy, from which my father has undoubtedly benefited. Jignesh has managed to get him to walk again, with the assistance of a frame, which exceeded our expectations due to his frailty and long term immobility. Without Jignesh’s commitment, motivation and encouragement, my father would not have made the progress we are witnessing today. Jignesh, has also been very helpful to the family, providing feedback and support with other service providers when needed and we are extremely grateful for his input and continued assistance.

I generally found Jignesh to be sincere, caring and a good communicator, providing clear explanations and managing patient expectations pragmatically and I would have no hesitation recommending him to anyone.

Reference for Ms. Bimisa (13/02/2016)

I came to Bimisa in the hope she could cure me of my back & hip pain. She was extremely thorough & after X Ray’s, confirmed her diagnosis. I had various kinds of Physio for a while- massage, realignment, taping when required & acupuncture. Using her wide knowledge, she was always able to determine the best type of treatment.

Once I started making progress I begun one to one reformer Pilates classes with Bimisa. Pilates strengthened my entire body, particularly my core. I have learnt so much about my body! Bimisa worked me hard but also made everything fun.

I can’t believe the progress I made. I had terrible head aches, low energy & limited movement at times. A year later, I am strong, active & healthy! Bimisa helped me get my life back on track & I have now realised my dream of moving to Australia. I miss my Pilates sessions but feel so grateful for the kindness & care I received.

I can’t thank Bimisa & the team at Southgate Physio enough- their care & expertise is second to none & I have already sent friends to them who agree. The whole team are professional, friendly & work tirelessly to help their patients- I can’t recommend them enough.

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