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Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

Regain your health with effective pre and post operative rehabilitation at Southgate Physio clinic in North London, United Kingdom

Are you recovering from a surgery or getting ready for an orthopaedic operation? If your answer to any of the queries is yes, it is important to know that pre and post operative physiotherapy can bring a lot of relief to you.

Surgery is not the one and only solution for recovering from a critical disease. The human body demands special care and affection prior to, as well as, after undergoing a surgery to get back into shape once again.

Benefits of Pre Operative Rehab

Pre operative rehab has gained considerable acceptance amongst patients across the world, in recent years. They are opting for it to make the surgery an uncomplicated process. You can be assured of gratifying outcomes when you go for a pre op rehab, as it comes with the following benefits:

  • Prepare You Mentally and Physically for a Surgery
    A thorough pre operative rehabilitation helps you in being mentally and physically prepared for a surgery. You may talk to a physiotherapist to acquire precise knowledge on pre operative safety measures like, how to manage ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) and how to reduce the pain you have been enduring.
  • Proffer Insight into Post Operative Activities
    You will obtain a detailed understanding on the different forms of exercises that you can do after the surgery to do away with the complications. Performing the right activities will also boost your fitness to a great extent.
  • Good for Joint Replacement
    Has your doctor recommended joint replacement surgery to you? Pre-op rehab can be really beneficial to you, as it can help strengthening the appropriate muscles which can help with pain and stiffness. It can also help with mobility and improved gait pattern.
  • Facilitate Quick Discharge from Hospital
    It has been noticed that patients who undergo pre operative rehab, get discharged from hospitals earlier than those who did not opt for it.

Benefits of Post Operative Rehab

Surgeries will always help you to get cured of any major disorder, but in order to get back to normalcy, having a proper physiotherapy is necessary. Our rehabilitation specialist, can provide you with significant advice and treatment to minimise the pain and detrimental after-effects of a surgery. A post operative rehabilitation can be a boon to bring an outstanding step-by-step improvement in your mental and physical state.

Here are the ways in which post operative rehab can prove to be helpful for you:

  • End Physical Agonies
    The therapists implement treatment techniques, of the likes of electrical, ice stimulation that can reduce your physical sufferings. Besides the automated methods, the therapists also put to use manual procedures for reducing pain from your body making you fit once again.
  • Build Muscle Strength
    The post operative exercises that you will be made to do build up your muscle strength and reduce post-surgery muscular weakness. If you are having surgery, it is important to have pre and post operative care. It can make the surgical procedure less painful and help to recover to your normal state quickly and effectively.

To book your pre and post operative rehabilitation physiotherapy appointment, simply contact us, give our expert therapists a call on 02083686767 or email us on or have a visit to our Southgate Physio clinic in North London.


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