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Bimisa Patel

Bimisa Patel

Lead Physiotherapist

A chartered physiotherapist with a decade long professional experience, Bimisa Patel is an integral part of Southgate Physiotherapy clinic. Bimisa is a registered physiotherapist with HCPC, CSP. Bimisa is an AACP certified physiotherapist. Her core area of practice at Southgate extends to assessment and treatment of complex Musculoskeletal injuries including sports injuries.

Career Highlights

Bimisa Patel obtained her Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree from Laxmi College of physiotherapy, Mangalore, India affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (Recognised by Indian Association of Physiotherapy, IAP) in 2003. Thereafter, she started her practice in this field. Her current career span crosses a decade of successful services extended towards patient care. She has till date served a number of distinguished physiotherapy clinics like Medicare National Hospital & Research Centre Ltd, CARE VILLAGE BOREHAMWOOD, Danesbury neurological Centre, Ashdown physiotherapy practice. She has been providing her professional services to patients at Southgate Physiotherapy since 2012. Bimisa is a very experienced physiotherapist.

Professional Strength

Her profound knowledge of physiotherapy and its various branches have made her one of the most sought-after physiotherapy professional. The broad range of duties and responsibilities that she has been diligently providing throughout her career include assessment as well as treatment of patients who have suffered various Musculoskeletal conditions and Sports injuries and Neurological conditions (Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Head Injuries etc.).At present she is an experienced physiotherapy  actively involved on the administration of Pilates rehabilitation. An assortment of service experience within the field of physiotherapy makes her an indispensable part of the Southgate Physiotherapy team.

Important Career Achievements

Bimisa has received outstanding student award and Shova Alba Memorial GOLD MEDAL award from Laxmi College of Physiotherapy, Mangalore.

Bimisa’s accolades and certification in an array of physiotherapy are noteworthy. She is one of esteemed names when it comes to sports injury rehabilitation and Musculo-skeletal Rehabilitation.

She has been constantly learning and adding to her skill base and has obtained certifications in most areas of physiotherapy. She has put her certification in Pilates, which she obtained in 2012, to effective practice in curing patients. She has also been including Therapeutic Exercises in her treatment packages to improve patient recovery rates. Her cordial way of dealing with patients makes people to her services.

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