Jignesh Kumar Patel

Jignesh Kumar Patel

Senior Physiotherapist

A Physiotherapy professional with twelve years of experience specializing in rehabilitation programs for the elderly and falls management, Jignesh Patel has managed to work on various other areas of medical interests as well. These include expertise in Electrotherapy, Exercises therapy, and adjoining fields of Orthopaedics.

Professional Strengths

His widely acknowledged professional strength comes from the decade-long practice as a Physiotherapist while performing in key functional areas, which include orthopaedic pre and post-operative cases like amputations, joint replacements and other conditions. His career records speak of successful cases with musculoskeletal conditions.

Important Career Achievements

Worthy of remark is Jignesh’s work along the areas of MET Thoracic Spine and Ribs, APOS therapy and postural stability besides speciality in cases that require falls assessment and rehabilitation. He has been pursuing a challenging opportunity for a private sports injury clinic dealing with special cases of musculoskeletal conditions.

A recognized member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapist and of Acupuncture Association of Physiotherapist, he takes keen interest in manual therapy, falls management, musculoskeletal rehabilitation and rehabilitative physiotherapy for the elderly.

During February, 2002, he took welfare initiative and voluntarily assisted in rehabilitation process for earthquake victims of Katchha, Gujarat (India).

Jignesh takes active interest in new-age medicinal practices and have come to apply acupuncture as an additional means of achieving cure for patients. Professionally recognized as an effective motivator for patients, empathetic towards recovery processes and committed towards personal and professional excellence.

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