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Vishruti Boricha

Vishruti Boricha


Vishruti Boricha is an HCPC registered physiotherapist and the newest member to be on board of Southgate Physiotherapy Clinic. Her forte lies in sports, exercise, and medicines and is specialised in dealing with musculoskeletal disorders. She has served as a physiotherapy intern following her undergraduate studies after which she worked as a spine consultant, this has enabled her access to a pool of knowledge and received vast practical training in this field.

Career Highlights

Vishruti has obtained her degree in Bachelor of Physical Therapy from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences in February 2018. Following this, she pursued MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine at Leeds Beckett University, 2019. She completed her MSc studies in December 2020 and passed with merit for the same. In July 2017, Vishruti worked at Nanavati super speciality hospital, Mumbai, India.

In the following month, she worked at Seth GS Medical College & KEM Hospital, Mumbai, India as a physiotherapist. In June 2018, she served at QI Spine Clinic, Mumbai, India as a spine consultant. Before joining Southgate, Vishruti was working as a physiotherapist for AActiv Physio Ltd, alongside, the director George Aarons for AActiv Physio Ltd at LEEDS clinic in August 2020.

Professional Strength

During her undergraduate years, Vishruti worked as a physiotherapist, providing care and first-aid to the runners during the marathon in Mumbai, followed by a physiotherapist for a local Kabaddi team in 2017. During her days at Nanavati super speciality hospital she assisted Dr. Ali Irani, who was the former physiotherapist of the Indian Cricket team, and learned various treatment methods which helped widen her scope of practice with sports-related injuries even more. Her scope of practice further widened when she had the opportunity to work as a physiotherapy intern which was part of her undergraduate curriculum at KEM Hospital alongside many other senior physiotherapists as well as in conjunction and collaboration with surgeons and physicians, which helped her build rapport and professional communication skills and practice.

During that period, she got her first-hand experience in neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, women’s health, orthopaedics, clinical OPDs as well as medical & surgical cases. Her broad range of duties included treating patients with spinal, tendon, brachial plexus, and shoulder injuries, and teaching pelvic-floor exercises & respiratory exercises, and dealing with muscular dystrophies, monoplegia, hemiplegia, Parkinson, Cerebral Palsy, and motor neuron diseases.

As a spine specialist in QI, she learned an extensive range of techniques like McKenzie, Mulligan, Maitland, and strength conditioning. She majorly treated spinal conditions and been a witness to cases involving spine Bifida, scoliosis, cervical/lumbar radiculopathies, cauda equina syndrome, Scheurmann’s diseases, kyphosis, and more. With her varied experiences and knowledge, she is considered a gem in the Southgate Physiotherapy team.

Important Career Achievements

Vishruti has been a member of Maharashtra state OT-PT Council, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, UK and Heath & Care professions council, UK respectively. She is an FA level 4 Intermediate Trauma Medical Management in Football (ITMMIF) that completed in 2020, January. During her undergrad years, she worked under Dr. Bhavana Mhatre, an associate professor of the Physiotherapy Department in KEM Hospital, Mumbai for research practices followed by working under Richard Partner, senior lecturer of Leeds Beckett University, UK for the same as well.

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