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Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

Diagnose and treating sports injuries in North London

Sports injuries are quite common nowadays. Athletes often push their limits either to achieve to deliver their best performances. This leads to overuse of muscles, resulting in traumatic injury. To overcome the pain and discomfort, sessions of sports physiotherapy must be given a try. We, at Southgate Physio, specialise in helping people with sports and muscular injuries and providing them with various healthcare services. Our sports physiotherapists assist you in rebuilding strength and suggest ways to prevent accidents. With their practical knowledge and hands-on training, they treat the injuries in the shortest period, pushing you to reach the fitness goal.

You do not have to be a sports fanatic or player to receive the benefits from the session of physio sports therapy. Our dedicated therapists help each one facing severe musculoskeletal injuries. They work with people having different levels of fitness and use their evidence-based practice to come up with a regimen to reduce pain and enhance performance.

How a programme is designed?

At our sports physio clinic, we carry out a detailed analysis of your injury and suggest a customised programme. Our therapists use their specific sports knowledge and consider an array of treatment techniques to cure the damage and prevent it from occurring again. They take your posture, muscle balance, joints, and biomechanics into consideration before creating a tailored sports and wellness physio course.

The treatments involve massage, gentle exercises, hands-on manipulation, light training with gym equipment and more to increase the blood circulation in the injured area and release the knots from the muscles.

Depending on the pain and the location of the injury, we hire specialist sports physiotherapists. They combine various treatments and rehabilitation exercises according to your needs. Across the Southgate Physio network, we have many trained and professional therapists who specialise not only in training athletes but also beginners. We also have therapists who are dedicated and offer services related to the same.

Why choose us?

At our sports physiotherapy clinic, we do not leave our patients waiting. We make sure that every individual receives the same attention, care, and treatment. As sports injuries vary from one person to another, our therapists ensure that they develop customised treatment sessions. From acute pain to sprains, a wide range of programmes are present for overall wellness and holistic healing.

Southgate Physio takes pride in hiring seasoned therapists, bestowing various fitness regimes, therapeutic exercises, pain management therapy, hands-on manual therapy, massages, and fitness training procedures. In addition to treating the damaged muscles, the healing series is meant to improve endurance, flexibility and build core muscle strength.

Whether you have sprained your ankle, straind your muscle or bruised your knee, you will find perfect solutions at our sports rehab physio. We are open to serve young to old and help them to achieve proper fitness. If you are facing any discomfort due to sports injury, book an appointment with us immediately.

To book your sports physiotherapy appointment, simply contact us, give our sports physiotherapy therapist a call on 02083686767 or email us on or have a visit to our Southgate Physio sports physiotherapy clinic in North London.


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