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Common Sports Injuries – Treatments and Tips

November 05, 2019
Common Sports Injuries – Treatments and Tips

Whether you are a trained athlete or a weekend player, there is always a risk of getting injured. Unfortunately, when these injuries occur, most of us avoid visits to a sports injury clinic. Besides, it is hard to know, which muscle you have pulled or how to treat it. These types of muscle trauma usually occur due to overexertion or incorrect technique in performing sports activities. Some of the common sporting injuries that people suffer from are:

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Shin Splints
  • Hamstring Strains
  • Pulled Groin
  • Knee Injuries
  • Ankle Sprains

Sprains can occur in several parts of the body, however, the ankle is the most common area. Sprains are essentially injuries to ligaments, which happen when they are stretched past their limits. Furthermore, common types of sports injuries also include strains that are mainly injuries to tendons. The area that is highly susceptible to strain is the hamstring.

Causes of Sports Injuries

There are various causes that may incur an injury. Whilst some of them may require professional sports injury treatment, others can be taken care of at home. Here are some common sports-related injuries:

  • Skipping warm-up sessions before exercising
  • Suffering an accident fall or blow
  • Poor technique of exercise
  • Using inappropriate exercise equipment
  • Pushing your limits whilst exercising

If you are suffering from a serious sports injury, consider sports injury rehabilitation therapy for faster recovery. There are many different types of treatment procedures available, which are more effective in terms of pain relief and healing.

Treating Sports Injuries

In case you have undergone a sports-related injury, your physician is likely to recommend sports injury physiotherapy or medications. Besides, seeking alternative treatments can also alleviate pain and speed up the recovery time. Some of the most effective measures to treat sports injuries are:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Osteopathic Treatments
  • Sports Massages
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Doctor Prescribed Medication

Preventing Sporting Injuries

Most often, common sports injuries and treatment for the same can be carried out at home. Moreover, these injuries can also be prevented by following correct workout techniques. Some injuries happen because the body is not adequately conditioned to the level activity. Therefore, it is important to work out every day to prepare your body and increase muscle strength.

Another proven way to prevent injuries is, to begin with a gentle warm-up to increase blood flow to the muscles and flexibility. Make sure to perform a cool down after each exercise session to obstruct the pain and strain you experience post-workout.

Injuries caused by muscle overuse are especially common if you actively take part in hiking and running. In case you participate in a team sport, you should engage in some light workouts before the strenuous activity. Another tip that sports injury specialist swears by is to understand when to stop. As you start to feel exhausted and fatigued, it is time to take a break. Muscle fatigue can undermine the protective mechanisms in your body and increase the chances of injuries. Hence, pay heed to your body and increase the level of fitness and training gradually.

Physiotherapy Services We Offer

Our clinic offers a wide range of treatments that are all recommended and tailored to everyone who comes and visits us. Our range of treatments complements the body and mind, helping to keep you pain and injury-free, delivering preventative measures to maintain your well-being and enhance your performance levels.

Our main aim is to restore your personal well-being so you can enjoy an active, healthy, and pain-free life. Click on any of the services to find out a little more about each treatment and understand if it might be right for you.

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