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How Rolfing Help to Release Muscular Tension at Skeletal Level

January 21, 2016
How Rolfing Help to Release Muscular Tension at Skeletal Level

There are five impressive health benefits of Rolfing:

  1. Improves Athletic Ability

Rolfing upturns the body’s ability to conserve energy and develop more economical and refined patterns of movement for athletic activities, as well as everyday activities.

  1. Relief for TMJ

Temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ) is an inflammation and tightness of the joint that connects the jaw to the skull. Rolfing helps people who suffer from TMJ by releasing that joint between the jaw and skull from its restricted and painful state.


  1. Reduces Chronic Back Pain

Chronic stress kills your quality of life in several ways, for example it usually causes tension in the back, shoulders and neck. These common bodily patterns of holding stress can be very difficult to break, but Rolfing has been known to successfully correct these painful forms of tension. Rolfing can loosen the fascia, hence freeing up muscle movement and breaking bad patterns of muscle strain and misuse. This release should then allow the back to properly align it, and when the back is properly aligned, back pain should regress.

Rolfing has been mostly successful as a remedy for fast back pain relief.

  1. Improves Posture & Spine Health

Rolfing can be a beneficial treatment for posture problems. Research shows that the holistic soft tissue approach of rolfing improves overall musco-skeletal balance and alignment. Studies prove that among clients who completed 10 sessions of rolfing compared to the control sample that had not received rolfing, those who participated in rolfing sessions had made consistent major improvement in efficiency of motor performance by improved organisation and balance of the neuromuscular system.

Another study conducted to evaluate the use of rolfing to treat cervical spine dysfunction found that the basic 10 sessions of rolfing, when applied by a physical therapist with advanced rolfing certification, is capable of significantly decreasing pain and increasing active range of motion in adult subjects, male and female, with complaints of cervical spine dysfunction regardless of age.

  1. Improves Asthma & Breathing in General

Evidence suggests rolfing can highly improve breathing for people with asthma. Rolfing breaks up restrictive patterns in the fascia, nerves and muscles in the chest that limit full chest expansion for asthma sufferers.

People with respiratory disorders, such as asthma, can also benefit from the posture improvements that result from rolfing since restricted or incorrect breathing can create misalignments in the body that make breathing even harder. When breathing is improved, rolfing can increase general feelings of well-being, reduces stress, improve energy levels and generally make life more enjoyable.

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