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Medicines V/s Physiotherapy – What is Best for Pain Relief?

January 06, 2021
Medicines V/s Physiotherapy – What is Best for Pain Relief?

Pain is an annoyance and that is not a secret. It can hinder your overall quality of life. Medication can be used for instant, short-term relief, but that is not your only pain management solution. In fact, medication is not the solution at all if you are suffering from a chronic condition. A more meaningful solution to managing pain is physiotherapists.

Lower Back Pain Management

The reason why patients turn to medication is because they want immediate pain relief. The problem with this is that the pain is only being masked for a short while. Also, taking pills for a long time can result in dependency on prescription drugs. It can lead to conditions like loss of sleep, anxiety and so on. physiotherapists, on the other hand, is a branch of restoration and rehabilitation that helps patients recover their physical abilities through natural means.

Physiotherapists make use of strengthening, stretching, manipulations and mobilisations to help relieve pain in the body. As pain management specialists, physiotherapists are known to treat patients suffering from athletic injuries, fibromyalgia, sprains and arthritis. In most cases, the pain is stopped and the chance of reoccurrence in the future is reduced. Along with relieving pain, physical therapy can also help patients lead a healthy and wholesome life.

Broadly, you will find these physical therapy treatment options for managing pain:

  • Cold compression therapy – From athletic sprains and multiple sclerosis to backaches, this therapy also offers immediate muscle pain relief. The nerve cells become temporarily numb due to the cold and cannot signal the brain regarding the sensation of pain. Also, the cold compression helps with the swelling and inflammation.
  • Ultrasound and TENS – TENS and ultrasound can be used separately or together for effective pain relief. When combined, it can treat chronic conditions like, Sciatica, fibromyalgia and so on.
  • Kinesio tape – This helps in relieving pain, reducing swelling and improving lymph functions. Kinesio tape also helps patients in improving their posture.
  • Therapeutic exercises – When it comes to physiotherapy and managing pain, therapeutic exercises play an important part. These exercises offer lower back pain relief and increase the body’s flexibility. They also teach patients to use their body in healthy ways so that pain can be avoided in the future. These exercises include stretching, core strengthening, breathing exercises and so on.

When people suffer from chronic pain or sustain an injury, it is tempting to opt for the solution that offers instant and fast relief. It is not that you cannot take medicines, but medication is not a long-term solution. Your pain will be numbed only for a short while. If you want pain to stay at bay, visit a pain management clinic and seek physiotherapy advice.

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