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How Physiotherapy Can Help You to Stay Fit and Healthy

June 03, 2020
How Physiotherapy Can Help You to Stay Fit and Healthy

Physiotherapy assists people of all ages suffering from injuries, medical conditions and illnesses that restrict their regular ability to function and move. A tailormade physiotherapy programme at home helps individuals get back to their prior lifestyle. Additionally, it encourages activities preventing any more injury and helps in maintaining the health of an individual in the least intrusive manner. The following points will help you decide how physiotherapy aid in making you healthy and fit.

Shoulder Pain Management

Manage Pain

Chronic pain is a frustrating condition especially if you are not aware of the underlying cause. Medications can help, but a registered physiotherapist can enlighten you about other methods of pain relief besides medicines. These procedures include techniques and therapies to reinstate muscle function and eliminate pain.

  • Joint and soft tissue mobilisation like taping, ultrasound and electrical stimulation
  • Heat packs to relax tired and tense muscles
  • Ice packs to soothe swollen joints
  • Temporary splinting to relieve painful or swollen joints
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machines block the pain messages to your brain, thus changing pain pathway. It is a small device, sending pulses to your nerve endings through pads positioned on your skin. This leads to a tingling and soothing sensation, helps reducing the pain you feel.
  • Soft tissue techniques are effective physiotherapy for shoulder pain and relaxes muscles besides enabling easy joint movement.
  • Acupuncture is also a popular technique amongst such professionals. Some physiotherapists take separate training for giving acupuncture.

Better Movement

If you are not being able to move your neck, having backache or shoulder pain after an injury or surgery, physiotherapy services can introduce visible differences. Irrespective of your age, strengthening and stretching exercises improve actions that were appearing tedious. You can slowly begin to eat, write or balance your body like you used to before the injury or surgery. These techniques can be useful even if you are utilising supportive devices such as crutches or cane.

Professionals urge to perform these exercises at a tolerant level to find the right balance between activity and rest. It is better to create a schedule of your activities and not overdo things.

Physiotherapy Exercise to Stay Fit

Opt for Graded Exercises

Exercises that start at smaller steps, increasing gradually, are called graded exercises. Whether you want to opt for physiotherapy for neck pain or back pain, these exercises make your muscles and joints strong, making you fit. You can improve general stamina, fitness and increase activity level without causing pain to your body parts. Exercising regularly also stimulates endorphins (your body’s natural hormones) for relieving pain.

Take Care of Age-Related Issues

With age, you may develop degenerative diseases like osteoporosis or arthritis or need to replace your joint. Physiotherapists cannot just manage these issues conservatively but also facilitate fast recovery from all types of joint replacements.

An alternate source of recovery, physiotherapy offers relief to people from all walks of life. Whether you need physiotherapy treatment for back pain, shoulder, or any part of the body it can get you ready for an improved life.

Physiotherapy Services We Offer

Our clinic offers a wide range of treatments that are all recommended and tailored to everyone who comes and visits us. Our range of treatments complements the body and mind, helping to keep you pain and injury-free, delivering preventative measures to maintain your well-being and enhance your performance levels.

Our main aim is to restore your personal well-being so you can enjoy an active, healthy, and pain-free life. Click on any of the services to find out a little more about each treatment and understand if it might be right for you.

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