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Physiotherapy Advice Following an Elbow Fracture

September 18, 2023
Physiotherapy Advice Following an Elbow Fracture

An elbow fracture causes stiffness, resulting in a reduction in the range of motion and functioning of the elbow. This is caused by adhesions, the formation of scar tissue, and muscle contractures, which develop as part of the healing process. Elbow stiffness from a fracture can lead to pain, weakened muscles, and trouble going about daily tasks. If left untreated, it can also result in long-term joint dysfunction and motion restriction. Therefore, elbow fracture treatment is often advised to lessen post-fracture elbow stiffness and enhance joint function. This includes range-of-motion exercises, manual treatment, and soft tissue mobilisation.

How does physiotherapy treat post-fracture elbow?

After an elbow fracture, physiotherapy is a crucial component of the healing process. Regaining the range of motion, power, and functionality of the injured elbow joint is the aim of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy treatment plans are tailored to the needs and progress of an individual’s life and might also include a home exercise programme to continue the recovery process at home.

The treatment of pain and dysfunction in the elbow joint post-fracture often involves physiotherapy. The intricate 3-joint elbow complex and the related anatomy are both functionally known to physiotherapists. They can use this information to understand the numerous structures near and far from the elbow that may affect a person’s symptoms.

A physiotherapist can do a thorough evaluation of the elbow and discover all co-morbidities connected to the patient’s symptoms as well as contributing factors. This evaluation will assist them in creating a multimodal treatment strategy that is tailored to the issues and contributing variables identified in the evaluation.

Physiotherapies for elbow fractures

Physiotherapists frequently employ a variety of methods to ease discomfort and inflammation while enhancing the strength and range of motion of the elbow joint. These methods may consist of the following elbow fracture exercises:

  • Range of motion exercises:

Gentle exercises help increase the flexibility of the joint, such as active and passive range of motion exercises.

  • Strengthening exercises:

It involves gradually increasing resistance exercises to regain muscle strength, such as isotonic and isometric exercises.

  • Manual therapy:

Manual therapy comprises techniques such as mobilisation, massage, and manipulation to reduce inflammation and boost joint mobility.

  • Soft tissue mobilisation:

As one of the most popular exercises for a broken elbow, it aids in the release of adhesions and scar tissue, which can hurt and restrict motion.

  • Therapeutic modalities:

Ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and heat and cold therapy can all help ease discomfort and improve recovery.

Benefits of physiotherapy for elbow fractures

Your physiotherapist might prescribe the following broken elbow treatments that offer the following treatments:

  • Reduce pain and swelling

To lessen discomfort and swelling, your physical therapist may employ a variety of techniques and electrothermal modalities, including specialised massage and electrical stimulation.

  • Increase mobility

Your physical therapist will select a specific set of elbow fracture physiotherapy exercises to aid in regaining your arms and elbow’s normal range of motion. These could start with “passive” motions to gradually move your elbow joint, and they could advance to active exercises and stretches that you execute on your own.

  • Improve flexibility

Your physical therapist may use manual therapy (gentle hands-on treatment) to help your muscles and joints move more freely and comfortably. Stretching exercises and remedial massage methods can be among these methods.

  • Increase strength

Your physical therapist will identify and teach you the appropriate exercises and equipment to gradually recover your strength and agility if they discover any weakness in your arm or hand muscles. To strengthen your arm, you could make use of tools like therapy bands, therapy putty, and hand weights.


An elbow fracture may cause you to lose your mobility if it is not treated appropriately. This is why it is essential to assess broken elbow symptoms and treatment. At Southgate Physio, we offer a team of leading professionals to reduce all discomfort and strengthen your elbow and shoulder in no time. Get in touch and manage your conditions before they get any worse.

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