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Physiotherapy for Ankle Sprains: An Insight Into Seeking the Natural Treatment

September 11, 2023
Physiotherapy for Ankle Sprains: An Insight Into Seeking the Natural Treatment

Have you ever lost balance and suffered a foot twist whilst landing? Well, we’ve all been there and suffered ankle sprains. If the pain quickly disappears, you tend to stop thinking about it. However, if the pain gets severe and gives rise to swelling that causes a torn ligament in the ankle, it needs immediate action. Whilst several interventions are recommended in the management of acute ankle sprains, physiotherapy promises a higher level of evidence and needs to be incorporated into the rehabilitation process. Through this blog, we will help you enhance your knowledge about ankle sprains and the various physiotherapy interventions that can be used to treat ankle ligament damage.

Causes of an ankle sprain

Common causes of a sprained ankle are:

  • A fall, slip, or trip that twists your ankle
  • Jumping and landing back on your feet
  • Walking or working out on an uneven surface
  • Sports injury

Symptoms of an ankle sprain

The signs and symptoms of a sprained ankle tend to vary depending on the severity of the injury. They may include:

  • Swelling
  • Pain is especially felt when you bear weight on the affected foot.
  • Bruising
  • Restricted range of motion
  • Tenderness when you touch the ankle
  • A popping sensation or sound experienced during injury

Physiotherapy treatment for a sprained ankle

Depending on the severity of the ankle sprain, the physiotherapist designs an ankle sprain treatment programme that enhances the healing process and advises them to return to daily activities, and even sports. The common ankle physio exercises that help in ankle sprain recovery include heat packs, ice packs, modalities such as shockwave, TENS, and ultrasound, and exercises like:

Stretching exercises

  • Standing calf stretch

Place your hands on the wall in front of you and take a step back and a step forward with the uninjured foot. Hold for 30 seconds after each repetition when addressing twisted ankle treatment.

  • Heel raise

Stand and place your hands in front of you. Then lean against a wall and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Start slowly rising on your toes and return to your position.

Range-of-motion exercises

  • Ankle alphabet

Start the exercise by sitting in a chair with your legs extended. Now try and trace the letters of the alphabet using the big toe. Repeat the exercise a few times whilst moving the ankle in different directions for treating a swollen ankle.

  • Knee motion

Sit in a chair and slowly move your knee from one side to the other.

Balance and control exercises

Physiotherapy for ankle pain, including balance and control exercises, is ideal for helping the foot and ankle respond to activities, and preventing re-injury. It is recommended to start balance and control exercises when no pain is felt whilst standing.

  • One leg raise

Start the exercise by placing your hands on the wall. Lift the uninjured leg behind for the weight to rest on the injured ankle. Hold the position for a few seconds.

  • Pillow balance

Do a few balance exercises whilst standing on a pillow. The foot might wobble around, and the posture might need to be maintained.

How can physiotherapy help?

Physio for an ankle sprain will allow you to stay as active as possible, whilst experiencing the least amount of pain. Your physical therapist will help you with ankle injury treatment in the following ways:

  • Reduce pain and swelling
  • Improve motion
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve strength
  • Improve joint proprioception
  • Improve balance
  • Improve endurance
  • Return to activities
  • Help you recover faster


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