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Prevent and Get Rid of “Tech-Neck” – Exercises and Lifestyle Tips

July 27, 2022
Prevent and Get Rid of “Tech-Neck” – Exercises and Lifestyle Tips

Tech neck is the fallout from the increased dependence on smartphones and computers and the poor posture habits that accompany it. It refers to the stiffness, soreness, and in some cases, even injury from bending your neck too much downwards or ahead to look at an electronic device.

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The Harmful Effects of “Tech Neck”

A study published in PLoS One in 2019 found a strong association between neck pain and the amount of time they spent looking at their electronic gadgets. As a result, the severity of “tech neck” varies from person to person and depends on the time they spend looking at their gadgets.

Tech neck can lead to severe pain in the neck and shoulders of the patient, tingling sensation in the back, numbness of the hands, headaches, etc. In severe cases, it can lead to permanent posture problems.

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The author of the study suggests at the end that increasing awareness about the importance of healthy sitting positions while using gadgets and using them for a restricted time period is crucial for controlling the increasing prevalence of neck and shoulder pain.

Lifestyle Tips for Preventing “Tech Neck”

Certain best practices can significantly reduce the chances of preventing “tech neck” in young adults. Some of these are discussed below:

  • Hold the gadget at or just below eye level to prevent stretching the neck muscles for a long period.
  • Pay close attention to the posture you maintain when using gadgets at work or home. Avoid curving the spine for a long duration.
  • Invest in a better chair and cushions that support your neck and back when working at your desk.
  • Stand up and stretch every 20 mins. Take a stroll around if possible.

Neck Exercises to Help with “Tech Neck”

Our experts suggest the following neck exercises counter the hunching effect of “tech neck”. For more exercises, you can visit our clinic and talk to our physiotherapists.

  • Chin Tuck
    Stand and tuck your chin towards the rear of your body while looking at the wall in front of you. This will negate the curvature of the neck and helps in straightening your upper back.
  • Neck Extension
    Sit up straight and extend your head backwards and then look up at the sky. This improves the range of motion of your neck and helps you relax your neck muscles.
  • Side Neck Stretch

Stand and stretch your neck one side at a time, i.e., try to touch the left ear to the left shoulder, hold, and then repeat for the other side.

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