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Why Do Your Knees Click and Should You Worry?

August 02, 2022
Why Do Your Knees Click and Should You Worry?

One of the most concerns among people regarding their knees is a strange clicking sound when extending the joint. The reason behind these clicky knee sounds can range from simple changes in pressure inside the joint to arthritis and wearing kneecaps. In mild cases (i.e., when the clicking sound is rare and not associated with pain and swelling), these sounds are seldom a reason to worry about deteriorating health.

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However, if the clicky sounds are persistent and painful, you need to get immediate medical attention from a certified physiotherapist clinic like Southgate Physio in North London, UK. Our experts will use evidence-based assessment tools to identify the underlying cause of the clicking sounds and suggest a corrective solution if needed.

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What is the Clicking Sound in the Knees?

The clicking sound in the knees is medically termed crepitus and is incredibly common. Usually, this sound occurs when tiny nitrogen bubbles burst inside the synovial fluid in a joint upon movement (the process is called “cavitation”). The sound appears when you move the joint more than it is supposed to, creating a loud audible sound. It is not the sound of “bones rubbing together” as popularly believed.

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That said, there are certain other conditions when you may notice a sound in your knees that may be a cause of concern. If you notice any of these, you should consult a physiotherapist immediately:

  • Osteoarthritis
    Osteoarthritis is the inflammation and pain of the joints in your body that usually appears in people after the age of 50. Biochemical changes and mechanical stress cause wear and tear in the cartilage usually in the joints that bear the weight of the body, i.e., knees. If you notice crepitus with pain and swelling, it may be an indication of early onset osteoarthritis.At Southgate Physio, we provide extensive care and pain management for arthritis-associated pain and swelling. Get in touch with our registered experts to know more about how we help patients deal with arthritis.
  • Runner’s Knee
    Iliotibial band syndrome (also called runner’s knee) is a painful overuse injury characterised by immense pain in the front of the knee. It can be caused by a structural defect and happens when the iliotibial band flicks over the lateral condyle bone. The most common symptom of a runner’s knee is a progressively painful knee joint. Treatment for this condition involves not overusing the leg muscles till the pain subsides.
  • Baker’s Cyst
    In Baker’s Cyst, you will notice a clicking sound at the back of the knee. This condition occurs due to a fluid-filled sac (benign cyst) flicking against the hamstring and medial tendons. It is usually pain-free and not dangerous as the swelling will go away on its own. However, if there is pain while walking and running, you should consult an experienced physiotherapist at once.

In most situations, you likely have nothing to worry about when there is a clicking sound on your knees. However, if there is persistent pain and swelling along with the clicking sound, get in touch with the experts at Southgate Physio immediately.

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