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Discover Some Effective Physiotherapy Exercises for Shoulder Pain

January 08, 2024
Discover Some Effective Physiotherapy Exercises for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder discomfort can cause inconvenience and hinder your day-to-day tasks. The good news is that physiotherapy exercises may ease your shoulder pain. These exercises can aid in minimising pain, increasing range of motion, and preventing future harm. You can manage shoulder pain without needing medication or surgery by performing the appropriate exercises. This article will discuss the different physiotherapy exercises for shoulder pain and their use in treating it.

Physiotherapy Exercises for Shoulder Pain

Warmup Exercises

These are the exercises you must do to prepare your body before starting stretches for shoulder pain.

  1. Arm Across Chest Stretch

Before starting physiotherapy exercises for shoulder pain, you must warm up your body with this exercise. Maintain an upright posture and intersect one arm over your chest while using your other hand to gradually pull the intersected arm towards your body and your arm over your chest while using your other hand to gradually pull the intersected arm towards your body. Maintain this stance for approximately 15–20 seconds, then release and repeat the process on the opposite side.

  1. Chest Expansion

This is another warm-up exercise you can do before the frozen shoulder exercises. To enhance your chest size, erect your spine against a wall and flex your forearms at a 90-degree angle. Gradually elevate your arms while keeping them in contact with the wall until you sense a stretching sensation in your pectoral muscles.

Stretches for Shoulder Pain

Strengthening Exercises

These exercises strengthen your muscles and are very effective for shoulder pain relief.

  1. External Band Rotation

This is one of the frozen shoulder physiotherapy exercises experts will ask you to do, in which you must use a resistance band. One end of the resistance band is attached to a stationary object to perform external band rotation, while the other is held with the affected arm. The exercise involves rotating the forearm away from the body against resistance provided by the band without moving or tilting your upper arm or shoulder blade. This movement engages multiple muscles in your shoulder joint but predominantly targets the rotator cuff muscles.

  1. Internal Band Rotation

Internal band rotation is a popular physiotherapy exercise for shoulder pain treatment. Start by standing with your feet apart and holding the band in front of your body with both hands. Keep your elbows near your sides and bend them at a 90-degree angle so that your forearms point towards the ceiling. Then, twist your arms outward to separate the bands until they parallel the ground. Pause for a few seconds before gradually returning to the initial stance. Continue practising this motion for 10–15 iterations.

  1. Flying Exercise

Flying exercises are an effective shoulder pain physiotherapy exercise. It helps increase the range of motion of your shoulders and improve their flexibility. The hand movement you must use in this exercise mimics a bird flapping its wings, hence the name “flying.” To do this exercise, you must stand straight with your feet apart and your arms by your sides. Now, raise both arms to shoulder height and extend them outward until they parallel the floor. Now bring them down, and again slowly raise them. Repeat this exercise.

  1. Lawn Mower Exercise

Assuming a hip-width stance, take hold of a resistance band with one hand to perform this exercise. Begin by lifting your arm to shoulder height while maintaining a 90-degree angle at your elbow, then pull the resistance band backwards as if you were starting a lawn mower. Keep this position for a few seconds before gradually releasing the tension. Remember to maintain proper form throughout the exercise for optimal results.


Physiotherapy exercises can be highly effective for shoulder pain relief. These exercises not only help to reduce pain but also improve range of motion and flexibility. Working with a qualified physiotherapist who can tailor an exercise programme specific to your needs and condition is important. Call us and book a seat at our clinic to manage your shoulder pain.

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