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Why Sports Massage is Necessary for Runners?

June 25, 2019
Why Sports Massage is Necessary for Runners?

If you are a runner, you are probably going to suffer from sore legs. Hence, it is a good idea to opt for a Sports Massage to keep your muscles in good condition and prevent injury. As your legs work hard, this massage helps in the recovery of muscles after long runs, especially during events and competition. Sports Massage boosts circulation and shorten the time for recovery.

Want to Know How Sports Massage Can Help You?

  • It improves the flexibility of the muscle and gives more strength to it
  • The stretching enhances muscle length & joint motion range
  • The massage focuses on the tight spots of the body, boosting the overall function of the muscles
  • Lowers the threats of injury
  • Reduces muscle strains
  • Increases blood circulation to the soft tissues
  • Breaks down adhesions in soft tissues
  • Get rid of metabolites after exercise
  • Increases flexibility and elasticity of the tissues

If you are intending to get a Sports Massage regularly, do not expect to derive all benefits right after the first session. It has a cumulative effect, and the benefits get better with every session. Weekly or monthly treatment can lower risk of injury, increase muscle flexibility and even ease body pains.

When to Get a Sports Massage?

As there are various types of Sports Massage, henceforth, you must know what suits you the best.

Pre-event Sports Massage

Do you have a big sports event coming this week? This treatment is something that you should look up to. Generally, it is a light depth massage which will aid in stretching the muscles while preparing for the marathon.

Post-event Sports Massage

As the name suggests, this therapy is required once the event is over. It gets rid of the waste products, stretches the tight muscles and even lowers Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness. There are many events that organise Sport Massage right after a competition.

Maintenance Sports Massage

Want to keep your muscles in optimal condition during training? opt for this therapy. This is one of the helpful and effective massages for athletes and runners. If you go for a run daily, a Sports Massage every week can prevent injury and fastens the rate of recovery.

Sports Massage is immensely helpful for speedy healing, particularly after big competitions, race, marathon and more, and it can be immediately applied to ease the muscle tension. To obtain the best result, it is recommended that you visit a massage therapist regularly. However, avoid taking deep massage right before the day of an event as this could make you lethargic and tired, causing a profound impact on your performance. As every injury is different, it is suggested that you should consult an experienced and qualified masseuse/masseur who can heal your injury and make your muscles stronger.

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