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Keeping Athletes Safe with Limited Resources

November 28, 2016
Keeping Athletes Safe with Limited Resources

Parent’s first priority should be Athlete safety, coaches, and players of all sports, from youth recreational leagues to varsity high school teams. Any types of Injuries can and do happen at any level of competition in all types of sports. Teams with restricted access to medical resources, who are responsible for the safety of athletes frequently falls on the parents and coaches themselves.

Usually one person at every single practice, game, or team event has to be CPR and First Aid certified. The majority of leagues involve coaches to always have this certification, always check to see if a coach in any team is certified.

Always ensure that athletes have plenty access to water before, during, and after practice. Dehydration can cause a lot of issues such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke during the summer which can lead to overwhelming concerns such as brain damage or worst case scenario death.

However if athletes are hydrated at all times the risk of heat related illnesses will reduced greatly and can be avoided. A lot of coaches want their athletes to bring their own water bottle and water to practices and games, but unfortunately in some cases athletes can forget to bring water or run out on a hot day.

A lot of teams or athletes have access to their own medical professional medical kit. A first aid kit at every practice and game can deliver immediate care for any types of bruises and serious injuries. A well-stocked medical kit that is suitable for most levels and types of youth sports is rationally worth the price and investment.

The majority of sports injuries are usually caused by unsafe field conditions. Before a practice or a game, create a schedule and elect a parent or coach to walk through the field you are organised to play on.

If there are any lumps or uneven surfaces it is very dangerous and can lead to ankle sprains or even ligamentous injuries. Parents should identify and assist with any kind of hazards around the area.

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