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The Expanding Role of a Physiotherapist in Patient Care

August 08, 2022
The Expanding Role of a Physiotherapist in Patient Care

Traditionally, physiotherapists have primarily been associated with rehabilitation and recovery from issues that limit mobility. However, in recent years, the role of a physiotherapist in patient care is also expanding into other aspects of healthcare. As medicine advances, physiotherapists must be prepared to form an integral part of any health care team.

Physiotherapists support people of all ages to recover from various injuries and help in pain management. Pre-operative rehab prepares you physically and mentally for the surgery and provides you important insights into post-operative activities that will boost your fitness.

If you are looking to undergo orthopaedic surgery or are recovering from one, registered physiotherapists at Southgate Physio can help you get back into shape.

Physiotherapy Services

Knowledge and Skills Required by Modern Physiotherapists

With their expanding role in healthcare teams, modern physiotherapists need advanced medical training, education, and experience to perform at the same level as their peers. Consequently, doing more continuous professional development to keep up to date with current research and evidence.

Now, they should have the knowledge and skills pertaining to the musculoskeletal system, neurological system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system, etc. Physiotherapists work with the patients and use their experience and knowledge to diagnose underlying issues and suggest corrective actions.

At Southgate Physio, our registered certified physiotherapists are highly experienced in the field and can perform a range of diagnostic tests to identify what is limiting the movement and function of an individual. You can visit our clinic and talk to our experts for more insights on your injuries.


Assessment and Diagnosis

Modern physiotherapy has an increased focus on evidence-based practice, i.e., the method of using evidence to make the best clinical decisions for a patient. As a result, they have to be adept at conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the patient or the needs of a client group to collect as accurate and meticulous evidence as possible.

In addition, they should also be able to evaluate the results of the assessment to make clinical judgements and make recommendations for managing the symptoms. They will formulate a diagnosis, prognosis, and corrective plan for the same.

At Southgate Physio, our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic machines, which enable our physiotherapists to conduct an in-depth evaluation of your current condition. Based on the findings, they will suggest solutions for pain management and recovery.

Intervention and Independent Medical Prescribing

Intervention refers to the prevention of disabilities and promotion of good health and fitness. A modern physiotherapist does not simply suggest an exercise – they work with the patients to help them understand the underlying cause of the disease and the therapeutic exercises that will prevent the further onset of the disease.

In addition to manual therapy techniques, modern physiotherapists may also suggest electrotherapeutic modalities, breathing techniques, and over-the-counter medicines for the intervention and treatment of various illnesses.

At Southgate Physio, our registered physiotherapist experts will guide you to best available solution to your musculoskeletal problems. Give us a call or send us an email to book an appointment with us.

Physiotherapy Services We Offer

Our clinic offers a wide range of treatments that are all recommended and tailored to everyone who comes and visits us. Our range of treatments complements the body and mind, helping to keep you pain and injury-free, delivering preventative measures to maintain your well-being and enhance your performance levels.

Our main aim is to restore your personal well-being so you can enjoy an active, healthy, and pain-free life. Click on any of the services to find out a little more about each treatment and understand if it might be right for you.

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