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How Does Sports Massage Therapy Help Deal With Marathon Injuries?

November 10, 2020
How Does Sports Massage Therapy Help Deal With Marathon Injuries?

For regular runners, especially those training for marathons or other such events, one of the greatest challenges is to avoid injuries or limit its effect and impact. This is where sports massage therapy comes into play. Making it an integral part of your training offers a variety of benefits like the ability to train more frequently and prevent injuries. Know in detail about the utility of a good sports massage therapist.

Sports Massage Physiotherapy

• Reduced Muscle Stiffness and Soreness
Think of the last time you hurt yourself and you will remember rubbing the area. Well, touch is not just an instant reaction to pain. However, it is also a proven way to intensify the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Massage enhances blood circulation, helping to provide the nutrients and the oxygen that the tissues require for recovery.

The manual massage pressure stimulates the arteriolar pressure and also increases muscle temperature. This facilitates the exchange of substances between the tissue cells and blood, which boosts metabolism and helps the body during its remodeling period after exercise.

• Improved Posture
A good massage stretches and loosens shortened muscles, thus restoring the range of motion. Apart from this, it also tends to stimulate weak and flaccid muscles. When combined, this way of ‘rebalancing’ the muscles can highly improve posture, facilitate efficient movement, and also prevent or reduce chances of present or future postural injuries. The range of sports massage benefits does not just end here though.

• Shorter Recovery Time After Exercise
Waste products like lactic acid and carbonic acid tend to accumulate in the muscle tissues after exercise, and this often causes muscle soreness. By enhancing the lymphatic flow circulation, massage can take care of this problem.

Also, high impact exercise often tends to traumatise the joints as well as tissues surrounding them. As a result, they often become stiff. A good massage improves muscle flexibility, decreases muscle tension, and improves range of motion.

• Pain Relief
Physio sports massage is proven to reduce pain by blocking signals sent to the brain. It further encourages relaxation by stimulating your nervous system and helps with release of endorphins. Apart from these, it can also help you deal with painful cramping and muscle spasm.

For any athlete, injuries are a major concern. Given the nature of their training, this is a serious concern for anyone preparing for a marathon or competing in similar events.

• Faster Rehabilitation
Massage helps prevent and supports the healing of injuries. A fine massage treatment will lower the development of scar tissue and influence the secretion of fluids required for tissue repair. Thus, it will help you successfully deal with many soft-tissue injuries that have the potential to shatter your marathon dreams. Moreover, massage can keep muscles in a healthy condition and also lowers the chance of developing any future problems.

Sports massage therapy, thus, helps you fight the common marathon injuries and keep your body in great shape. Start your search for a therapist before you injure yourself.

Marathon Rehabilitation

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