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Everything You Need to Know About TFL Injury

February 01, 2023
Everything You Need to Know About TFL Injury

Tensor Fascia Latae or TFL is a small muscle located on the top of the hip in the human body. It helps in the movement of your knee and your hip. This small, but very important muscle is essential for walking, running, and climbing. In short, TFL is essential for performing our daily activities. Just imagine what would happen if this muscle got strained? No doubt, a TFL strain would trouble you a lot.

What causes Tensor Fasciae Latae pain?

TFL pain can happen either because of overuse or when this muscle tries to compensate for the weaker surrounding muscles. When your muscles work unusually hard, then muscle pain can take place. Sometimes, dysfunctional surrounding muscles can also cause severe pain. Repetition of the following activities can cause TFL injury:

  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Walking and running
  • Sitting for a long time
  • Long driving and kicking
  • Standing long with a swayed back
  • Wearing high heels frequently
  • Sleeping in the fetal position
  • Meditation crossing legs

What are the health issues caused by TFL Strain?

Hip Osteoarthritis 

Several studies have indicated that people suffering from TFL syndrome have a greater chance of being affected by hip osteoarthritis. It may be due to the new biomechanics caused by the TFL strain, as it puts extreme stress and strain on the structures of the hip. This stress and strain may bring early degeneration and inflammation of the hip structures.

Tension and Tightness

The TFL pain often indicates tense and tight compensating muscles. It is an alert given by your brain. When a muscle is on high alert and ready to spring into action, it would increase the muscle tone. If the muscle remains in this state for a long time, it would get extremely tight and shortened.

Knock Knee Postures

TFL is an internal rotator of the hip; it helps you to manoeuvre your thigh towards the inside from your hip joint, and it can become shortened and tight. When this muscle becomes tight, it results in an internally rotated stance, wherein one or both the knees are rotated. This leads to the knock-knee posture.

Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Anterior pelvic tilt or bilateral tightness is another issue caused by TFL strain. This is an unusual posture that takes place when the TFL acts bilaterally due to pain and the standing legs get anchored.

Lateral Pelvic Tilt

If tightness of the TFL is unilateral or happening only on one side, it would pull the pelvis down. This can lead to lateral pelvic tilt.

How long it will take to recover from a TFL injury?

It depends on the severity of the injury. It may take 1 to 6 weeks depending on the nature and seriousness of the issue.


The best way to get relief from TFL pain is by consulting an experienced and well-trained therapist. The experts will conduct an assessment to find out the reason that is causing your TFL pain. Based on the assessment, they will decide your treatment schedule.

Bottom Line

Physiotherapy is a proven treatment for TFL injuries. All you need to do is find a highly experienced expert and diligently follow all the exercises prescribed by him/her for faster recovery.

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