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Know More About Physiotherapy for Neck Pain Relief

October 03, 2023
Know More About Physiotherapy for Neck Pain Relief

The new age of working has given rise to occasional neck pain and stiff neck. Almost two-thirds of people experience neck pain at least once in their lifetime. From prolonged hours of sitting to working till the wee hours of the night, the reasons are widespread. Constant neck pain and stiffness can become a hindrance in your daily life, leading to concerns that last a lifetime. Neck discomfort is not a very serious condition unless the pain does not go away for days. In a few circumstances, it can be very severe and need immediate medical attention. Physical therapy has a very straightforward objective because neck pain can be quite uncomfortable during normal activities and can deteriorate over time without proper care. Its purpose is to lessen discomfort, increase neck and head movement, strengthen muscles, provide neck pain relief, and prevent additional damage to the neck.

When should physical therapy be recommended?

Physical therapy for the neck might be recommended in the following circumstances:

  • Unspecified chronic pain

It might be challenging to pinpoint the precise cause or mechanism of neck muscle pain when it persists or keeps coming back. Strengthening the neck muscles offers support to the cervical spine and increases the ability to tolerate pain.

  • Recovering from injury

Whiplash can harm the soft tissues, causing discomfort and/or stiffness that can last for a longer period of time. A physical treatment regimen such as acupuncture for neck pain can lessen discomfort and assist in restoring the neck’s natural functionality.

  • Recovering from surgery

Some neck procedures can cause substantial pain and stiffness in the days, weeks, and months that follow. When cervical vertebrae are fused with an ACDF procedure, the movement of several neck and upper back muscles may be changed. Physical therapy may relieve individuals of stiffness, reduce painful spasms, and improve the functioning of the neck.

Neck Pain Treatment

7 most common types of neck pain  

Here are the most common causes of neck pain:

  • Muscle spasm
  • Facet joint pain
  • Headache
  • Bone pain
  • Referred pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Muscle pain

Treating neck pain with physiotherapy  

Here are two types of neck pain physio therapies:

  • Passive physiotherapy

It is a kind of treatment that does not require much engagement by the patient. Examples of treatments include ice packs, electrotherapy, heat therapy, facet joint mobilisation, soft tissue techniques, acupuncture etc., which help reduce pain and inflammation.

  • Active treatment

This is the type of therapy where the patient actively participates in their own healing and recovery by performing stretches and exercises. These are intended to increase neck movement and flexibility.

Neck Pain Physiotherapy

Process to get rid of neck pain

Pain reduction, mobility and strength enhancement, and improved everyday function are all goals of physiotherapy. You can control your disease and prevent more painful flare-ups with the aid of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is one of the most prevalent therapies for persistent neck pain. Most physiotherapy programmes start with neck pain assessment followed by suitable treatment to relieve pain and muscle tightness then introducing an exercise regimen of neck stretching and strengthening. At Southgate Physio, we treat neck pain with a holistic, hands-on approach followed by a rehabilitation programme to restore your body.


With exercise, you may be able to manage pain and bad posture and carry out daily tasks more easily. Based on your situation, your physiotherapist will recommend neck-pain exercises as part of your treatment plan. If you need neck pain physiotherapy from the experts, you must visit Southgate Physio, a leading health clinic offering a professional approach to treating various health ailments, including neck pain. Schedule a physiotherapy session to obtain neck pain treatment at Southgate Physio Clinic from leading physiotherapists trained to cure your pain and help you heal.

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