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Safe Youth Sports Experience

November 28, 2016
Safe Youth Sports Experience

Rare bumps and bruises can be expected when kids play sports, however, more than 1.35 million children last year a sports-related injury was austere enough to take them to a hospital in the emergency department. Sprains and strains, fractures, contusions, abrasions and concussions are the most highly injuries on the list of sports-related ER diagnoses for kids from the ages of 6 to 19.

There are some players which arthritis and joint trauma are long-term prices paid for the network glories of their youth. And the collective media attention paid to these physical costs is causing a few parents to think twice about allowing their kids play the game at all due to the risks and costs that come with it.

However kids participating in team sports still has major benefits for them in many areas such as physical, mental emotional and treatments wise, although any sport comes with risks.

Dr. Greg Landry who is a famous pediatrician, who co-authored the recommendations, mentioned delaying the introduction of tackling until a certain age as it could possible lower the risk of injury in the short term. However this may lead to higher rates of injury when tackling occurs as it is introduced when players are stronger and bigger by age.

Continuous participation in one sport can lead to overuse injuries. Occasionally when you take part in only one activity, you frequently stress the same joints, muscles, and bones over and over again. If the body does not have time to heal from the stress and pressure put on it from practice or games, it starts to break down and eventually gets injured.

Furthermore children are growing, due to this natural process of growth often leads children to be more prone to certain types of overuse injuries not like adults.

But, whenever you take part in any sport happens to be in season, you could be getting essential cross-training benefits whilst also taking plenty of important rest to the muscles and joints used in the previous sport so further injury does not occur.

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