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Sacroiliac Joint Pain and Physiotherapy Treatment at Southgate Physio

June 11, 2024
Sacroiliac Joint Pain and Physiotherapy Treatment at Southgate Physio

Pain in the sacroiliac joint can be quite incapacitating, impairing one’s movement, comfort, and general quality of life. At Southgate Physio, we provide thorough physiotherapy treatment to help individuals with sacroiliac joint dysfunction find comfort and regain function. We are aware of the difficulties that these individuals experience. We will discuss the causes, symptoms, and physiotherapy treatments available at our clinic for the efficient management of sacroiliac joint discomfort in this blog post.

Understanding Sacroiliac Joint Pain:

The sacroiliac joint, situated in the lower back at the junction of the sacrum and ilium bones, is essential for the transmission of forces and weight between the upper and lower bodies during movement. Sacroiliac joint pain, which manifests as discomfort in the lower back, buttocks, hips, and legs, can result from inflammation or irritation of this joint. Pregnancy, trauma, degenerative changes, and biomechanical abnormalities are among the common reasons for pain in the sacroiliac joint.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain and Physiotherapy Treatment at Southgate Physio

Physiotherapy Treatment Options:

At Southgate Physio, we provide a variety of physiotherapy interventions designed to relieve sacroiliac joint discomfort and enhance function. Each patient receives individualised treatment programmes from our skilled physiotherapists, which may incorporate any of the following methods:

Manual Therapy: Manual methods like soft tissue massage, joint mobilisations, and stretching exercises can assist ease discomfort, ease tense muscles, and enhance sacroiliac joint mobility.

Exercise Rehabilitation: To promote proper biomechanical function, posture, and core stability, specific strengthening and stabilisation activities that target the muscles surrounding the sacroiliac joint can be performed.

Biomechanical Assessment: To find any underlying musculoskeletal abnormalities or movement dysfunctions causing sacroiliac joint pain, our physiotherapists perform comprehensive biomechanical evaluations. We can encourage appropriate alignment and movement patterns to lessen the load on the sacroiliac joint by taking care of these problems.

Postural Education: Teaching patients how to sit, stand, and lift safely and correctly can help prevent sacroiliac joint discomfort from getting worse and can also assist to maintain good spine alignment and stability.

Modalities: To relieve pain, lower inflammation, and speed up tissue healing in the sacroiliac region, we may also use modalities including electrical stimulation, heat therapy, cold therapy, or ultrasound.

In conclusion, there’s no need to suffer in silence if you have sacroiliac joint pain. Our committed team of physiotherapists at Southgate Physio is here to help you overcome sacroiliac joint discomfort and enhance your quality of life via gentle care and efficient therapy. To arrange a consultation and begin your journey towards sacroiliac joint pain alleviation, get in touch with us.

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