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Tendinopathy or Tendonitis – What Are They? Can Physiotherapy Help?

June 18, 2020
Tendinopathy or Tendonitis – What Are They? Can Physiotherapy Help?

What do the terms ‘Tendonitis’ or ‘Tendinopathy’ sound like to you? It is needless to say that you are bound to get confused if you come across these medical terms suddenly. People not coming from a medical background will not have a clear idea about it and might get worried when a doctor diagnoses them with it. Tendinopathy is nothing more than the injuries occurring in the tendons of the body causing swelling and inflammation. It can be easily cured with tendinopathy treatment. Tendonitis can take place in any given area of your body. But its frequency is seen in the musculotendinous junction (joining of the tendon with the muscle) mostly. Some are reported to feel pain around tendon insertion sites.

Repetitive strains in any part of the body lead to tension and stress on the tendons. It is at these times that you suffer from an injury, and the doctor refers to you as a patient of Tendonitis. It is normally seen affecting the elbow, ankle, shoulder, knee or wrist, and hand. Achilles tendinitis is quite a common condition amongst the athletes. The inflammation of the tendon causes intense pain and some swelling.

Physiotherapy’s Role in Managing Tendinopathy

Irrespective of what stage you are in, most doctors refer to a regular round of physiotherapy to cure Tendonitis. Since the degeneration of collagen in the tendon happens due to overloading and the condition does not respond to anti-inflammatory treatment, physiotherapy can help you get the situation back to normal. If detected at an early stage, it can completely be cured with functional rehabilitation. In some cases, the doctor might suggest shockwave therapy for tendonitis.

The first role of a physiotherapist is to get you to rest properly. Under no circumstances can you overuse your tendons as that would lead to worse results. It is to ensure that you are not struggling physically for any activity and not indulging yourself in any excess work. With this regime, you will slowly be shown how to return to your normal state. Physiotherapy for tendonitis is not a rigorous task if followed and maintained carefully. All you have to do is pay heed to your physiotherapist’s instructions without fail.

The stages of Tendonitis cannot be easily understood. Whilst the first stage does not exhibit many symptoms, the second and third stages could be quite disabling if you are not careful. A responsible physiotherapist starts the rehab program with a set of exercises and shows you the right use of muscles in the offloading pattern. In the case of chronic tendonitis treatment, a full-time session of workout is mandatory. Therefore, the role of physiotherapy when it comes to a tendon injury is easily understandable.

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