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Road to Recovery – Physiotherapy for T12 Compression Fracture

August 21, 2023
Road to Recovery – Physiotherapy for T12 Compression Fracture

Did you know that osteoporosis causes around 1.5 million spinal compression fractures annually in the United States? Due to bone thinning, around 25% of women who have gone through menopause have experienced a spinal compression fracture.

T12 compression fractures are a specific kind of vertebral fracture in which the thoracic spine’s T12 vertebra collapses or shrinks as a result of compression forces. The treatment and rehabilitation of T12 compression fractures depend heavily on physiotherapy. The main objectives of physiotherapy for T12 compression fractures are pain relief, healing promotion, mobility restoration, and overall function improvement. Here are some typical physiotherapy procedures and methods:

Pain management
To help relieve pain and inflammation in the affected area, physiotherapists may employ a variety of modalities, including heat or cold therapy, ultrasound, or electrical stimulation.

Spinal bracing
Depending on the degree of the fracture, a physiotherapist might advise wearing a spinal brace or corset to give the fractured vertebra support and stability, which will aid in the healing process and reduce pain.

Gentle activities
To keep the spine and surrounding muscles mobile and prevent stiffness, the first focus will be on gentle range-of-motion exercises. These workouts could involve breathing exercises, light spinal stretches, and movements of the upper and lower limbs.

Exercises to strengthen the core muscles
As the deep abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles, and back extensors, may be introduced by physiotherapists as the healing process advances. Exercises for core stability help to increase spinal stability and lower the risk of further injuries.

Posture education
Physiotherapists offer advice on good body mechanics and posture to ease back strain and encourage better alignment during everyday activities. They might also advise making ergonomic changes at work or home to support a healthy spine.

Weight-bearing exercises
To increase overall strength and bone density, weight-bearing exercises may be gradually added. Under the physiotherapist’s supervision, these exercises may involve walking, light resistance training, or weight-bearing exercises.

Balance and proprioception training
Physiotherapists may include balance and proprioception exercises in the rehabilitation programme to improve stability and lower the chance of falls. The body’s capacity to maintain balance and coordinate movement is put to the test throughout these workouts.

Patient education
Physiotherapists instruct patients on the value of good body mechanics, appropriate lifting methods, and ways to avoid further accidents.

It’s vital to keep in mind that the particular physiotherapy treatment plan will change based on the patient’s condition, the severity of the fracture, and general health. To create an individualised treatment plan for T12 compression fractures, a complete evaluation by a licenced physiotherapist is required.

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