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Does Physiotherapy Work for Everyone?

November 02, 2020
Does Physiotherapy Work for Everyone?

Physiotherapy is one of the most widely-used treatment modalities for countless individuals today. Many people across the UK opt for receiving physiotherapy at home when they have injuries, pains, aches, or mobility-related issues. For most individuals, physiotherapy seems to be quite effective when they are treated by skilled and experienced physical therapy professionals. One can easily get relief from nagging pain or recurring aches through the course of course physiotherapy sessions.

Physical Therapy

Whilst most people undergoing physical therapy do witness progressive improvements over time, sometimes the benefits seem elusive. It seldom has to do anything with the effectiveness of physiotherapy treatment itself, but more often than not, has to do with some deep underlying issue. It is important to realise that physiotherapy, although highly effective, is not a magic bullet for patients who possibly need surgery or other treatments. So, what circumstances can lead to physiotherapy being ineffective for some individuals? Read on to find out.

Why Physiotherapy Might be Ineffective for Some People

  1. Failure to follow exercise regimen – Physiotherapy is more than just an appointment with a therapist. A large degree of its effectiveness relies solely on the regular performance of designated exercises. Many people simply fail to complete their exercises diligently and on a regular enough basis. As a result, their recovery results seem quite unremarkable. Any exercise routine given to you by a physiotherapy clinic physiotherapist should be performed properly and regularly. 
  2. Physiotherapy sessions were not enough – One Physiotherapy appointment does not work for many people as they simply require more sessions. For instance, if you have seen a therapist for 2 to 3 sessions and had underwhelming results, there might be a simple need for more sessions. There may not be any magic number of designated sessions you need, as that is determined during ensuing sessions. You cannot just do a physiotherapy exercise for knee pain or back pain and hope to get results if more sessions are indeed necessary. 
  3. Your issue cannot be solved through physiotherapy – Some issues caused by injuries, physiological issues and other ailments may render physiotherapy as ineffective. Most of the time, people do not have an idea about the severity of their issue, until after a physiotherapy session. So, if you have had physiotherapy for neck pain for several weeks but there is no improvement, surgery may be required. You can schedule a meeting with a speciality clinic that offers services such as injury rehabilitation, acupuncture, shockwave therapy, pain management, pilates and Theraflex treatment. Alternatively, a medical specialist in that field can diagnose your condition and easily tell you if surgery is required. 
  4. You need another professional – You may consider changing your therapist or even visiting another clinic that offers similar services. Keep in mind that the experience level and training of a physical therapist can make all the difference.

Whether you are undergoing physiotherapy for shoulder pain or any other issue, get in touch with a reputed clinic. A well-trained physiotherapist can ensure significant improvements for your condition or suggest other treatment methods.

Physical Therapy at Home

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