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Physiotherapy for Lower Back Pain – Causes, Treatments, Exercises & Tips

May 18, 2020
Physiotherapy for Lower Back Pain – Causes, Treatments, Exercises & Tips

Lower back pain can be utterly debilitating and put a halt to one’s daily activities. Individuals suffering from this problematic health issue experience considerable hardships in their lives. Whilst some depend on pain relievers, injections, and relaxants, physiotherapy exercises for lower back pain can be more beneficial. Exercise can be more impactful when it comes to alleviating pain naturally. Several physiotherapy techniques have already proven to be effective for patients of different age groups. 

 To understand why physiotherapy is effective for minimising lower back pain, one has to take a look into the key causes first. Treatment methods tend to vary depending on the causes. 

Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Causes

* Sciatica – Sciatica is one of the main lower back pain causes and a condition that is more common than one would think. It occurs when a herniated disc exerts pressure on the sciatic nerve. 

* Unnatural spine curvatures – Unnatural spine curvatures can result from conditions like lordosis, kyphosis, and scoliosis. Lower back pain arises when muscles, ligaments, and tendons are under pressure.  

* Spinal stenosis – Spinal stenosis is a result of disc degeneration which leads to the narrowing of one’s spinal column. Pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves lead to lower back pain. 

* Disc injury – A ruptured or slipped spinal disc can lead to chronic pain. Severe cases of disc injury require extensive surgery followed by the physio for lower back pain. 

Some other causes include arthritis, spondylolysis, and excess strain. 

Treatments for Lower Back Pain 

Physiotherapists can subject lower back pain sufferers to several types of treatments based on the nature and severity of their conditions. The basic ones are – 

* Heat – Heat relieves pain and spasms and can lead to enhanced flexibility. 

* Muscle-release – This treatment relaxes muscles and enhances blood circulation. 

* Acupuncture – Acupuncture for lower back pain is another popular treatment to alleviate symptoms.  

* Electrical stimulation – It is a treatment mode that contracts muscles, alleviate pain via the Pain gate mechanism.

Back Pain Exercise

Exercises for Lower Back Pain 

* Pilates – Pilates refers to a set of exercises that focus on enhancing flexibility, endurance, and muscle strength. A physiotherapist can design a specific routine of Pilates for lower back pain to reduce pain and strengthen your core. 

* Lower back stretch – Stretching exercises are simple but quite effective in alleviating pain symptoms gradually. Consult a physiotherapy professional to learn different variations. 

* Knees to chest – Bringing your knees to your chest while lying on your back is a highly effective exercise for releasing tension.

Lower Back Pain Tips 

1. Proper posture should be maintained during all activities.
2. Stretch your muscles regularly to relieve symptoms.
3. Seek physiotherapy-based lower back pain treatment at home

Individuals who are suffering from back pain should seek consultations with reputed physiotherapy service providers. Their treatment techniques can lead to considerable improvements within a short time.

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