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Things to Take Care in Sports Injury

October 05, 2020
Things to Take Care in Sports Injury

Sports injuries can be quite distressful from a physical as well as mental standpoint. Any athlete who suffers an unexpected injury is sidetracked for a considerable length of time, awaiting surgery and rehabilitation. Visiting a reliable sports injury clinic immediately after suffering an injury is definitely the recommended course of action for athletes. A great level of care goes into ascertaining that the injury is not aggravated any further.

Sports Injury

Reputed clinics across the UK offer systematic evaluation and treatment for acute, chronic, and overuse injuries. But what can a person without direct medical supervision do if they have suffered an injury? Read on to gain more knowledge on the subject.

Key Things to Take Care of for Sports Injuries

  1. Seek immediate medical attention – An untreated sprain or a muscle pull can get severely aggravated even if the symptoms are not that severe. Athletes should always have access to options for sports injuries treatment as a precaution. If you have a sports doctor or physiotherapist on speed dial, never hesitate to call and book an appointment. Any delay can lead to the injury getting worse.

  2. Follow the PRICE therapy guidelines – PRICE is an abbreviation for protection, rest, ice, compression, and elevation. These are steps of a self-treatment modality that lead to the prevention of sports injuries as a result of further damage. PRICE therapy can be performed by those who have suffered mild strains and sprains as well.

PRICE therapy –

  • Protection – One should do their best to protect the injury-affected area from any more damage. Try to avoid activities that require the use of that body part and find suitable support until you can visit a sports injury physio professional.
  • Rest – Rest is one of the most overlooked ways of helping the body heal itself. Athletes should rest up after an injury by reducing their physical activity level. Sports injury physiotherapy clinic may instruct you to use crutches, brace or slings if applicable.
  • Ice – Icing an injured area can also help to heal it if you can do it at regular intervals. You can do this for common sports injuries like strains and sprains. Just apply an ice pack to the affected area at two to three-hour intervals.
  • Compression – Tape up the injured area with compression bandages as it helps to prevent swelling. Do this for at least two days after you suffer from an injury.
  • Elevation – Keeping the injured area at an elevated position can be important for reducing swelling. It is one of the most common at-home methods for sports injury rehabilitation

3. Use pain relief and anti-inflammatories – Pain relief measures can be undertaken regardless of the causes of sports injuries. Some of the simple things one can do include consuming paracetamol or Ibuprofen and using creams or tablets to alleviate pain symptoms. You should always check with your GP or pharmacist before taking any medicine. You may choose to call your preferred sports injury clinic before consuming pain medicine.

The above-mentioned things should be taken care of in case of sports injuries. Get in touch with a reputed clinic for immediate diagnosis and treatment.

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